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Synendos Therapeutics

First-in-class endocannabinoid modulators to restore natural functioning of the brain in CNS disorders.

Synendos is a new, dynamic neuroscience company developing potentially breakthrough safe and effective therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders. We utilise the modulation of a new drug target in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that enables restoration of the natural functioning of the brain. Synendos’ lead drug candidate, SYT-510, belongs to a novel class of ECS modulators named Selective Endocannabinoid Re-uptake Inhibitors (SERIs). SERIs represent first in class, new chemical entities that modulate the ECS through a self-limiting mode of action with the potential to deliver meaningful benefits to patients. 

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Synendos' current focus is on anxiety and mood-related diseases characterized by an endocannabinoid deficiency and with high unmet medical need such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We anticipate that SYT-510 will enter clinical studies during 2023 and Synendos will transition to a clinical stage biotech.

Synendos closed a Series A round of CHF 24m in April 2021 with a strong syndicate of investors including Kurma Partners, Sunstone Life Science Ventures, Ysios Capital and Bernina BioInvest. In addition, Synendos has raised CHF 4m in grant funding from a variety of sources that have provided a firm validation of the technology, approach and potential success of the company.

Synendos is a spin-out from the University of Bern and retains access to the extensive expertise of the ECS within the group of Prof Jürg Gertsch.

All of the assets and targets relevant to the company are protected by a robust series of patents filed or granted in all major markets.


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The endocannabinoid system is a key neuromodulator system in the CNS and represents a promising therapeutic target for a wide range of CNS diseases characterized by insufficient endocannabinoid signalling (deficiency).


Selective endocannabinoid reuptake inhibitors (SERIs) can restore normal endocannabinoid tone through the modulation of a newly identified drug target responsible of endocannabinoid cell reuptake.

SERIs can exert pro-homeostatic effects on different neuronal circuits by acting with a self-limiting mechanism of action. At Synendos, we advance the preclinical and clinical development of SYT-510 and two other possible follow up compounds.

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