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June 2024 // Events

Andrea Chicca (CEO/CSO), Isabella Premoli (Principal Clinical Scientist) and Pierandrea Muglia (Medical Advisor) will attend the 16th Conference on Tourette Syndrome & Tic Disorders in Varese from 12-14 June 2024 (organised by the European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome).

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July 2024 // Communication

Synendos is excited to announce the publication of the latest article written by Andrea Chicca and Jürg Gertsch, “CNS Drug Discovery in Academia: Where Basic Research Meets Innovation“, now available

July 2024 // Events

Céline Mäder (Senior R&D Project Manager Neuroscience) will attend the 34th Annual Symposium on the Cannabinoids in Salamanca from 30 June - 5 July 2024 (organised by the International Cannabinoid Res

June 2024 // Events

Andrea Chicca CEO/CSO and Simon Russell CCO will attend the Bio International Conference in San Diego from 03-06 June 2024.


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